Obscure Solutions to offer Acumen Hosting Model
Obscure Solutions has today announced the arrival of the new Acumen Hosting Model, specifically designed for organisations and customers who do not require a fully tailored solution, but still want to use Acumen.

The key benefit of the Acumen Hosting Model is reduced cost. As Acumen is a browser based application, it can be deployed on a remotely located Web Server that can be accessed at any time using the Internet. By using a dedicated server, you have full control over your deployment of Acumen in a secure, private LAN which is behind the data centre firewall. No other server can communicate directly with yours.

Providing the Acumen Hosting Model with fixed functionality, training and reports, it is possible to lower the costs normally associated with client specific design requirements.

Hosting your Acumen licences minimises the need for your organisation to own and run a sophisticated IT infrastructure and up-front capital expenditure is avoided by renting Acumen licences on a monthly basis.

Contact Obscure Solutions directly to discuss how your organisation can deploy the Acumen Hosting Model.